Preview from this evening's session

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Preview from this evening's session

Unfortunately, we almost missed out on this. It was our last chance to shoot before one of these adorable foster's is probably going to be moved... Parents almost had to cancel but pulled it together about 45 mins before dark! Eeekkk! Nothing like rushing! Did the best with what I had. Went to the same park as the shoot with my kids. Here are the first 4. Is getting Noiseware worth it? Is Portraiture better? Had to jack my ISO to comp for the falling light - I can see the grain...suggestions?

(will post settings in the morning if you like...lazy tonight)

Little guy who is probably leaving tomorrow...

Little guy parents are hoping to adopt....

Sweet 2 1/2 yr old girl - my fav shot - love the lighting

My first attempt at a silhouette...

TFL!! Smile

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you can get the free community version of noiseware - you'll have to use it outside of PS but it will give you an idea of whether or not you want to buy it. I love it and use it on almost everything where I have an ISO greater than 100.

I have to get to bed (after I post my next thread) so I PROMISE I'll be back with CC tomorrow!

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I love these and I think you did a great job!! My only CC is that they all seem to be on the cool side. I'd probably warm them all up a bit.

Also I use the free version of Neat Image. It's a great noise reduction software, but you do have to use it outside of your normal editing software. A little annoying, but for the result, I think it's worth it.

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Oh my goodness, you made my heart swell! Fostering is something we have talked about, so it's dear to my heart.

1) Sweet, sweet capture. I think this is a great shot. Maybe a bit cool, but again, I like warmer pics.

2) LOVE- this is my fav! That is one sweet little boy! I hope everything goes well with your friend! This one looks warmer than #1- just a tad bit, maybe try to warm up #1 to this one?

3) This one looks cool too- you can see some blue in her pink shirt. She is a doll. Watch your elbows and fingers though.

4) It's a bit noisy, but I think you did a good job!

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#1 and 3 are my favorites. I can't comment on how to reduce the noise...I do see it but it doesn't bother me at all!

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I've had this open for a few days so I didn't forget to reply to it. Wink Glad you were able to get these, sad that the kids will be moving on, they seem so happy.

1. Adorable! Looks a little on the cool side, and I think it needs a tad more magenta as his skin seems to colorless. Focus looks good to me.

2. Look at those eyes! Cute! Focus looks good, again I'd add a touch more magenta. What are you using for WB?

3. Very sweet, and I like to composition. Bummer on the finger chop but sometimes that just happens.

4. Nice silhouette!