Printing issues - too much contrast

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Printing issues - too much contrast

So I like to add a bit of contrast when I'm editing, just a personal preference. I'm calibrated, and I thought things were good. I calibrate every 6 weeks or so. I get my regular photos printed at Costco, and I use their color profile when I save a copy of my photos for print. I have their current color profile loaded on my machine. I just had over 100 photos printed today, and I picked them up. There is SERIOUS contrast going on, and some of the photos seem a lot darker than they should. I'm wondering if I'm seeing things on my monitor brighter than they are IRL. This is really bothering me because I want to get colors (to include contrast and brightness) right from the start.

Has this happened to you?

Here's an example picture ... everything but the sky came out SUPER dark. You can barely see her at all, and the whole front of the memorial is really dark. I know she's tiny and all, I just wanted the photo for the perspective of it all. Definitely have to get that one reprinted. But how does it look to you?

DC trip with Jordan

And here's another one where the contrast printed super strong. Does it seem over the top to you? Cause on my computer, it seems fine.


Thanks! And I will have to come back later to reply on other threads. Total stress case here ... my photo shoot had to get postponed, my youngest has to have tube surgery tomorrow (instead of next Wed as scheduled) as his eardrums are about to rupture. So I'm totally stressing out here, not just from the surgery, but just everything going on around me.

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aw i'm sorry you have been so stressed out lately. First of all I hope Jack's surgery goes well. I know when I was a kid I had so many ear infections and had to get tubes too. Second...that sucks that your pictures didn't come out like you wanted. They look totally fine on my laptop. I'm not calibrated though but for all I know I can't even get calibrated and so far things have looked good to me. But your pictures above look totally fine! Smile

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This is a costco problem, and precisely the reason I don't print with them. I don't think it's possible to create a workable "profile" to work with Costco because from what I understand they don't color mange their no matter what you do, you can't count on a specific output from them. Because there is no standard, the printers might print one way on one day, a different way on another day...and vary machine to machine.

I had the same thing happen to me when I printed through SeeHere. It's the only time it has happened to me, but it is certainly not on my end as I'd had a few of the exact same photos print perfectly from WHCC.

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Amber - do you use sRGB when you print through WHCC? I was at a Sandy Puc seminar last week and WHCC was there. I grabbed their sample packet, and definitely want to try them out.

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Gwen, I just wanted to say that I hope Jack's surgery goes well! :openarms:

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Ditto Amber.... it's Cosco's problem. Your pics look fine to me. Print through WHCC, you will see a big difference. Yes, you can use sRGB with WHCC.

Praying for your little guy tomorrow. ((HUGS))

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No idea here, but hoping Jack's surgery goes well. KUP okay? :bigarmhug:

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I hope Jack's surgery goes well. Your pics look fine to me too! Smile

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Gwen ... I'll ditto everyone else on the costco issue. that's why I quit using Walgreens too (I always used them for my scrapbooking prints). WHCC is a FANTASTIC lab! You'll never regret using them!

Oh ... and glad to hear all went well w/ Jack today!


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I showed some of the photos to my neighbors today. One said I was crazy for being so picky (I'm not crazy) and the other said she totally sees the contrast. But then I looked at the photos again on the computer, and I can see where the contrast seems harsher on some of them. Still doesn't match exactly though. I don't know if I will have them reprinted or not though.