Printing sizes and sharpening

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Printing sizes and sharpening

What size do pictures need to be to get nice looking large prints? I am looking to print some 8x10 or larger. Also what sharpening settings would look look best on a large print?
I have also been thinking of getting a canvas...any recommendations on how or where to get a nice one?

TIA for the help ladies!

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I use winkflash for canvas prints and they are VERY reasonable and in fact they are 40% off right now! Not sure about the sharpening settings to use, but for collages I use 200 resolution and reg pics i use 300 resolution (while cropping) sorry if this doesnt make sense. Im doing parent teacher conferences right now and Im between parents! (sucha bad teacher... lol!)

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Hello. I don't have any suggestions for canvas, but as for sharpening for print, I always do the same no matter how big or small...not sure if thats what others do or not, but I use 75, 2, 3. Good luck!