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Ok. I need to learn photoshop. I know that there are TONS of videos out on youtube and that's great, but I seriously need the BASICS. Would it be worth just taking a local class on it? Or hiring someone locally?

When I look at youtube, they talk about things like "open new layer" (or something to that effect) I have no freaking clue what they are talking about. I seriously am dumb when it comes to PS.

I have no desire to highly process anything but some things would be nice to tweak instead of using my iphoto editing.

And another question - I just started a blog to put some of my favorite photos and realized I forgot to add a watermark to my photos. It just seems like so much work and I dont' mind doing it, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. So what I'd have to do is open my photo in PS and add the watermark to it and then save it under a different name to use on the blog, right? How in the world do you keep up with all of the different files? What's your secret? Am I making too big a deal of this? I just don't feel organized!

Do you keep your original photos all together and then just edit the good ones and save them as a different file elsewhere?

ack....i feel overwhelmed!

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Which version of photoshop are you using? Elements or the full version?
If you're using the full version, I've heard great things about You pay a monthly fee, and have access to a MILLION different tutorials, ranging from very very basic to very very advanced. Might want to check it out. I learned from getting a Scott Kelby CS4 me started, and then you learn along the way.
As far as watermarking, I created an action to just click on, and it automatically watermarks for me. I normally have several different saved versions--a .psd file that keeps all my layers intact, and several .jpegs--I just thow in a different description for each...wm for watermarked, web for web version, bw for black and white version, etc.
Hope that helps!

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What is web version? See, it's like you are speaking a different language Smile I'm definitely going to pick that book up. I flipped through it several months ago but that was before I really was serious!

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Oh, it's the full version I have. I did a watermark once upon a time and saved it as a stamp, but I still can't figure it out most days!

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If you want to post a picture on the web, say for CC or something--if you just post a regularly processed one, sometimes the sharpening won't look right to those who are looking at it. There is a special way to sharpen a picture you're going to post on the web. Make sense?

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I just wanted to quickly add that yes a resized watermarked web version it not hard to make and I just keep it in the same photo folder as my original.

Also, a watermark doesn't have to be complicated, it can be as simple as typing text overtop the image and saving it as the flattened file (which happens automatically when you save it as jpg anyway).

But for a fancier watermark, just create some text with or without a graphic, with a transparent background, and then export the file as a "brush". Then it'll be one of your brushes in your brush folder and next time you open an image you can "stamp" it right onto your photo with the brush.

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I highly recommend Scott Kelby's books - they've been my bibles when I got started (I used both Elements and CS4). I have an action I use to resize and sharpen for web. My watermark is a multiple layer psd, I open it every time I'm editing, and after I create my web version, I drag the watermark layers on top and then save. I have a routine that I use and it's just second nature now.

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I'm reserving books at the library to pick up as soon as they are available! Actions, layers, flattened file, resizing...seriously, I'm not kidding. Although I kind of understand what y'all are talking about, I have no idea how to apply it to my photos and in what order, etc.!!! I feel so dumb with this stuff Smile

Thank you for the book suggestions....I think I'm going to be spending some hours at the coffee shop studying soon!

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I've used computers my entire life, before they had nice pretty interfaces, so what seems simple to me is rather complex to others.

For a simple water mark, in Photoshop you can set up a paintbrush to use, its a difficult thing to set up initially but once its done it is normally really simple to add the watermark.

You can create a separate file with your water mark and copy and paste it. I may start doing this instead because I want a more complex design.

As for where to save files that is really a personal thing, I like all my photos sorted by date so I can access them easier. Anything I edit I keep in the same folder and just give it the default name with an _ and revision letter so PIC1234.jpg for the original and PIC1234_B.jpg for the modified version.

So far everything I have learned I found online.
One of my favourite links is

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For a quick and simple watermark on Photoshop I just used the text tool bar. Then you can change the opacity as desired.

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i agree with everyone else, for a simple watermark you can just use the text tool Smile it creates a new layer for your text and you can lower the opacity

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I used for a while with my old version of PS and Dreamweaver, it is a great site and you can learn a lot, it is like videos of the teacher's monitor so you can see what they are clicking on while they are telling you what to do. Not sure if the prices are the same, I used to pay $25 a month membership and once i was done using the site I just canceled the membership after a few months. Before you join they have some smale videos for each program, usually the basics and you can see what other lessons they have on that program.

I got Scott Kelby book for CS5, it looks really good and it got awesome reviews, I just don't have the time to sit down and play around with PS and learn it but I really should since I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.

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I totally agree with the book. My lovely friend Gwen let me borrow her book, and it's been AMAZING! I was dumb when I just got PSE, so it was nice to have a simple, easy to read and learn book. ONE of these days I will upgrade to of these days!

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I learned a lot from the tutorials at