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Processing Help

I'm not that great at processing. Basically, I just take my RAW file into ACR and tweak it. I've never tried any actions or anything. I'll sharpen for web and that's about it after ACR.

Anyway, I always have trouble with reds and yellows. When there's a lot of yellow and red in the photo, it seems like they're always highlighted. I have this photo of the boys and our dog in (yellow) fireman coats, but I'm not sure how to process it. How would you?

This is the SOOC from the RAW file. I brought it into ACR and kept the defaults, opened it in PSE, and just sharpened for web. I'll post the Large size.

Also, how does the focus look on this? I've been playing around with back button focus, and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

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Does anyone want to help?

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I'm on my iPad so I can't do any processing, but in general I try to keep processing simple. I'd do the following:

Crop to remove some of the top part of the photo (for rule of thirds)
Levels for contrast boost
Curves (you may have to mask out the raincoats bc they are already pretty bright)
Light vignette

The only other thing I'd maybe do would be a color/contrast boost on the foliage with an overly layer on low opacity (mask out everything else) so that the grass isn't so drab. But that would be a perk. Smile

If I get a chance I'll play with it later. I love the little raincoats!

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Honestly, I don't feel as though I can help at all. I don't really know what to do with it. I think Meagan's idea sounds great!

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This is a great shot. I did a quick play. The yellow was too yellow for me Smile
I warmed it up a lot, remove some yellow, burn the edges.

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Okay, I played around with it a bit. I think I took care of the blown yellow problem. I'd love to know what you think.

I chose a slightly different one.

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I like what you've done, Stephanie, it looks great! I also like the choice of photo a little better.

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Thanks, Tracy! I think I chose the other one first, because both of Carson's hands were in his pocket. But I like the expression on his face in the second one better. The one thing about this edit though, is that Bailey's (the dog) fur on his head is blown. But I'll take it! Wink

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I think the original photo looks pretty good. I understand how you feel about color balance; I always have a problem tackling reds and, occasionally, blues. I like Stephanie's edits because they bring out the yellow in the slickers without detracting from the subjects.

Cute photo BTW. My hat goes off to anyone who can successfully get two young children and a dog to pose!