Project 52: Week 27 - Summer celebrations

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Project 52: Week 27 - Summer celebrations

This week's theme is Summer Celebrations, which can be interpreted in anyway. July 4th is coming and any other event you have this week would love to see you post them here.

Have fun everyone!

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Just missed TWO summer celebrations in the past two days, due to migraines... Darn it! Oh well, hopefully we will have another one soon!

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I am kicking my own butt for not charging my batteries for my DSLR. Had to use my ancient P&S yesterday. Sad

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I am so far behind on this that by the time I catch up it might actually be summer here lol Smile

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Here is two from the 4th of July

DSC_1362 copy_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

DSC_1339 copy_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I love those, Sadie! So fun!

I missed Canada Day and my SIL's birthday due to being sick, but managed to get some shots this weekend. To ME, this was a celebration, as it was four of my most favourite people in the world -- DH, my two kids, and my best friend -- all together doing some of my favourite things -- roaming in the woods, then hanging at the beach on a summer's evening for a walk and fish & chips -- in honour of my birthday (which is tomorrow).

In the woods earlier in the day (just before DH alerted us to a black bear nearby!!!):
Auntie Tara and the kids

My best friend a.k.a. my cousin took this one:
Our family

DH helping the kids climb 'the' White Rock. This city/beach is called White Rock, and there is an actual white rock on which kids like to climb:
Climbing THE White Rock

Kids at White Rock

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