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Not sure if you remember, but I posted a few months ago about how a photo of Jack I took was being published in the revised edition of Good Night, Sleep Tight. I got my copy today, and had to scan it to show you. Smile He's on page 151. Whoo hoo!

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That is totally cool!

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very cool congrats

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Awesome! Congrats.

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Congrats! Can I get an autograph? Smile

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I haven't been around much so haven't seen it until now but I LOVE your siggy pic! Smile

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So cool! Congrats!

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You're awesome Gwen! Love that pic too!

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How awesome, congrats!!!

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I'm just now seeing this thread and that is so cool! Congrats!!!

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How cool is that!?

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That's awesome!!!

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thanks girls!

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WAY COOL, GWEN! But Jack looks like such a baby there now. Smile Where did that baby go?!


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that is so awesome hun congrats

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Thats awesome!

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Congrats Gwen, that is fantastic!!

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Wow! how did you go about getting that to happen!! Congrats! That sure is a cute picture Jack, Gwen!

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Argh! Im not seeing the picture.. Must by network settings on the hospital network. I bet you are excited

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how neat Gwen! Smile he is a cutie Biggrin

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How awesome! Congratulations!