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Purple for CC

I had a "fun" session with all four of my kids (ages 1,2,9,13) the other day although it wasn't perfect, I didn't run home and drink an entire bottle of wine afterwards either. Smile

Some things that helped it go well included:
*letting the big kids dress themselves (with some suggestions/guidelines)
*snacks/treats (smores flavored goldfish!)
*wipes (to clean snacks off faces)
*privacy (no cars driving by or other people around -- critical with my older ones)
*safe space to run around and play (critical for my 2 year old)
*LOW expectations (I was hoping to get one decent shot of each kid)
*no group shots (too stressful by myself when the littles are trying to squirm and run away)
*LOTS of praise and letting them pose themselves
*working quickly (we were there less than 45 minutes)

I wished I was able to use my reflector, but had 1 yr old on hip part of the time and no free time or hands to position it. As soon as I realized "I" was getting frustrated and stressed out with the kids, we piled into the car and went home and I didn't have to deal with momtographer induced meltdowns.

CC welcome!

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#1 is so nice! I love her expression and the bokeh, but then again, I love bokeh!
#2 looks a bit soft and darker than I would like to see it but I really like the crop
#3 he is so cute! I wish the camera would have been more straight on to see more of the flowers and less of the gravel/dirt, but really like it overall!
#4 very sweet

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These are great and thanks for the tips. I need to remember snacks!

1. my fav!
2. the only thing that's throwing me off is, it seems as though the processing is different here. The purple is much darker here.
3. CUTE! Wish you were lower taking the pic though.
4. sweet! The tilt is bothering me a bit, but I still think it's cute!

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you are BRAVE for attempting a shoot like this so congrats to you! I think the shots you got look great! Smile It's hard being a photographers kid I bet lol Mine run alway all the time when the camera comes out. Love the purple. Very lovely! Smile

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you are very brave! #1 is beautiful Smile

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Beautiful work! What a lovely set of your children! Smile

I agree on the tilt of the last pic, I'd straighten it.
I think the last 2 might need a touch more contrast? Not sure if that's just me or not.

My fave is #1, just lovely!

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You have such beautiful kids! And what a truly beautiful location!

1. Your dd just gets more beautiful every time you show her off and this is no exception. I love the light in her eyes here. Posing is sweet and the bokeh is quite lovely. The only thing I notices is a slight blue tint to her eyes. this might be reflection from the wrap, I'm not sure. Or it could be my monitor here at work (I'm uncalibrated)

2. I *adore* hats on young men!!! And you are really rockin' it here! He looks a tad underexposed, so I would try bumping that up a bit. Don't worry about the background, his eyes command your attention.

3. MORE HATS! WOO HOO! This is adorable! I lov ethe hat and vest contrasted with the tennis shoes. Just too cute! I think a tighter crop might be better here though. He seems a little lost in the frame.

4. Oh my ... what a heart breaker! I love that little dress and I think the punch of color from the shoes really completes the look! Her eyes look a little soft, but taht could just be the lighter colored eye brows. There's also a slight tilt to the right so it looks like she's sliding off the crate.

GOOD ON YOU for taking the kids out like this all by yourself. And what a great attitude to the whole shoot! I need to remember that w/ my guys (ds & dh) ... maybe I could come away w/ stunning looks like this if I did. Smile

TFS Beth!

Oh ... and I ADORE (w/ a capital A) that shot of Bentli in your sig!!!!!


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Your kids are adorable! Those are all beautiful pictures, I find the bottom two a little bit bright for my liking, maybe do some tweaking with the brightness and contrast.

I find it absolutely amazing that you rounded up 4 kids and got some fantastic shots, my 2 can be a handful to get a good picture of.

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I wanted to reply to this the day you posted, but I just didn't have time. I LOVE your expectations for your shoot, wish I had those yesterday (as my main goal was to get all four together, which is CRAZY at this age!)

1. I just adore this. Everything about it is wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing.

2. awesome focus, catchlights, everything! wish there was more bokeh in the back, cause he's a boy and that's a lot of flowers, but at the same time, I like it how it is. His shirt looks really cool though.

3. did you process this differently? or maybe it's because the one above is cooler. it would be nice if the color temps were closer together, just for congruency among the photos. but I LOVE this one. eye contact is awesome, and he's so cute in the hat!

4. Look at her! just adorable!!!! I can't believe how big she's gotten. time just flies, doesn't it?

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No CC to add, but these are just beautiful!!! I LOVE the purple bokeh of #1 and your DD is LOVELY in this shot! Love the other 3 as well, just wish they had that bokeh of the first one Wink

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I love these.. I much prefer your natural light photos to your studio ones. I think this is where you shine!

Your kids are just beautiful and I cannot believe how much Bentli has grown! Wow!

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I think You did a good Job Biggrin

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"OneLuckyScoop" wrote:

I love these.. I much prefer your natural light photos to your studio ones. I think this is where you shine!

Your kids are just beautiful and I cannot believe how much Bentli has grown! Wow!

Thanks. I pretty much ONLY shoot natural light... My "studio" ones are in my garage or in front of my french doors (since I don't have any lighting, although I hope to pick up an speedlite soon.