question about laptop monitor

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question about laptop monitor

My hubby has a Dell Studio laptop that is set up downstairs that I use often at night before bed. I don't do any photo editing on it because I've noticed the overall tone the monitor portrays is very yellow. But I cannot figure out how to adjust the monitor's colors; and hubby doesn't know either. It uses Windows Vista if that helps. Does anyone know if I can correct this laptop monitor color?

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i have a dell laptop and i've calibrated it so I could edit on it. works just fine! it was pretty bright and yellow before calibration I remember.

eta: I have Spyder 3 Pro Smile

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I've tried very unsuccessfully to calibrate my laptop. If there is a way to do it and make it as good as my desktop, please let me know. I use the spyder 2 pro and it just looks terrible on my mac laptop. I'm bummed that I can't edit on my laptop.

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Not sure about HP laptops, I have a Macbook Pro and I have not calibrated this computer. I've been meaning to try the Eye One 2 Display calibrator on it.