Question about Speedlites

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Question about Speedlites


I was hoping you all could help me. I have a Canon T1i and I'm looking to buy a Speedlite. I was just wondering if you guys have any advice/opinions for picking one, or if you know a good website for comparing and learning the differences between them all. Thanks in advance!

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Honestly, I just googled speedlights for my camera and then I went to Best Buy and bought one that worked. I don't plan on using it for anything rather than my snaps with my kids indoors.

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There are really only 2 choices, aren't there? I will have to look at Amazon again. I would like to get one soon too.

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Both Canon flashes are great. both the 430 and the 580 are wonderful.

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I have a 430 EXII, and I like it a lot Smile

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I have the 580 EXII and I love

I tell you it took me a whole year to actually start using it properly and liking the results.

I am sure if I had just tried a whole lot more in the beginning I would have loved it a lot sooner!!!


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I have the 430 and like it. The only thing I wish it could do is trigger remotely. If the 580 can do that I say go for that one.