Questions for those in business re: facebook

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Questions for those in business re: facebook

I was just curious some thoughts on this!

How would you feel about having a new local photographer becoming a fan of your business facebook page?

I have lots of photographers on my page from forums, which is awesome - but I just noticed a new one, that is local to me (in an isolated small town).

It feels a bit like spying (considering that I post all of my upcoming local specials, etc:bigarmhug:), but maybe she's just a fan. It just seems odd to me, because I'd never add a local photog to my fan page, when it would show up on my homepage that I'm a fan?


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Eek, that's weird. I would never become a fan of a competetor unless they were a true friend, kwim?

I guess something to remember is that even if they're spying on you, it doesn't mean they can shoot like you. I'm friends with the photographer who took our Christmas pics, and always look at her new posts and ooh and aah, but it doesn't mean I'll be able to shoot like her. She's just way more advanced than I am.

I think I would just keep a watch out secretly on her page once in a while (because fan pages are usually public right?) and if she starts copying your deals, I would delete her. But I guess if people see she's a fan of you, it could bring you some business, so no harm unless it gets to be bothersome!

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Um, I'm a fan of Katie's and she's local to me. I'm just a fan! LOL

I don't see anything wrong with it. But yeah...if you notice anything creepy happening, then delete her.

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maybe she's really just a fan. Wink it's possible that she's just inspired by your work. unless you suspect she's stealing business, I wouldn't worry about it, just be flattered. Wink

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I think that's great Amber, because you guys can collaborate and you already know each other! I'm friends with a ton of other photographers within BC as well. You live in a HUGELY populated area - I live in an isolated town of 15,000 which makes a big difference. Smile

My main issue is with a promotion I ran in January. Less that 3 weeks later, I was made aware of an almost identical promotion, in the exact same suite, only under cutting my price by 1/2. I am really trying to think that it is a coincidence, but it makes me uncomfortable in this small of a town that maybe it wasn't.

She's putting out really great work, but not charging professional rates - so let's say there are 100 births here in town a year, 30 might be interested in a baby plan. I'm just about to launch the details of mine. All of a sudden that makes a big difference as far as who's getting the work when it comes down to all of the images on a disk for $125 or a package that starts at $325 ... KWIM? And instead of another photog having to go to the effort to actually look in to different ideas of what people are doing, they can just turn on the computer with their coffee at 7AM, pop open facebook and have it show up right on their morning feed "So and so local photography is now taking slots for mini sessions, blah blah blah, $XXX" - that seems wayyyyy too easy...

I have made a rule for myself that I don't blog stalk locally because it is such a tiny close knit community and there are very limited locations here. I don't want to be accidentally inspired, or stressed about who's doing what around town. I like to just run with the wolves Wink

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You should contact her and see what her intentions were. Could be a good opportunity to point out the problems in her pricing and how she is cheating herself.

And I am a fan of Krissy. She is local to me. But, yeah, different story. Smile