Quick Black and White Tutorial

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Quick Black and White Tutorial

This is a tutorial for CS5 on how to convert to Black and White.

Adjust your picture in ACR - fix any blown area, color cast, etc.

Step 1
Make sure the background (1) is black. Then chose gradient map (2).

Step 2
Chose curves layer

Step 3
Add another curves layer to play with contrast, brightness, etc.

Optional - if you want to make it warm or cool pull down the RGB menu and play with red, green and blue until you get desired color

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Thanks, El! I'd also like to add that good contrasting lights and darks can help with your b&w not looking flat. Good directional lighting can help out a lot!

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Thanks El, wanted to add that I love that pic! Great job!

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I love this tutorial on converting to B&W in Gimp, what I like most is it shows several different methods.

GIMP - Converting Color Images to B&W