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quick hello

Hello ladies. I soooo miss this board. I have a quick moment to pop on here while I am at my parent's house getting ready for my future SIL's wedding shower.

I have had some great photo opps lately. I took my brother's engagement photos, a maternity shoot, and another photo shoot with my two nephew's. On top of that, I took a mission trip to Honduras. I captured some SWEET faces! I meant to bring my junk drive, but I forgot it. I will do my best to bring it back again soon.

Just wanted to say hi and I miss you all. I will be back in Aug, but until then, I don't know when I will get time to get back on. Enjoy your summer! Biggrin

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We've missed you too. Have a great summer, and I can't wait to see what you have been up to!

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Hi Sadie! Glad you're doing well and getting great opportunities!! Can't wait until you're able to pop on again and share Smile

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you went to Honduras and back again?! that happened so fast! Wink can't wait for all of the pictures!!!! hope you can get on again soon, before August.

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So happy you stopped in! I am loving your new work! I'm jealous you're getting so many good photo opps! Smile I'm glad you had a great trip too!