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quick jmk share

Quick share...

I had a trade shoot (with my daughter's clarinet instructor) and as I was setting up my baby asked for a picture. She gave me about 30 seconds... but was so glad to take advantage.

Not to be outdone, Little K joined the fun as I was finishing up my shoot and jumped in saying "take my picture with the hat Mommy!" How could I say no?

I have been feeling guilty about not taking enough snaps, so I headed out to the backyard with the two littles after I was done shooting and captured a spontaneous love (no prompting except when I said "aaawwwhhhh" loud enough for both to glance over)

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Oh, they're so cute! Just LOVE the hug in the last one (I can never catch my kids in a hug!) -- awesome moment. And the smile and the hat in #1 and #2 are adorable.

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Great pics Beth. Any snaps are so worth it!

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these are all great, Beth! your littles are not so little any more though - so ADORABLE, especially together!


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They are so cute! I love the hug, how sweet Smile

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That hug shot is too darn cute! Adorable!

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Oh my goodness...that hug shot is just priceless, great capture!!

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Oh my, that hug is sooooo precious! Great capture!

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Wonderful pictures, I love the eye contact you got.

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Awwwhhhhhhhh is right! That last pic is PRECIOUS! You can bet I'd have that one framed!