Quick question! Help please!

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Quick question! Help please!

I got a call from the company that we got Ryken's glasses wanting to use a picture I took of Ryken in his glasses. I had tagged them on Facebook in the picture, so that's how they saw it. It's going to be for a catalogue for doctor's offices. She left a message, and I haven't called back. What am I supposed to say? I'm totally fine with them using the photo, so is it fine to just tell them 'ya, use the picture!'?

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Wow, that's very cool! I don't know what I'd say... probably just "yes"... but regardless, it's a huge compliment to you as a photographer and to your little cutie too!

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If anybody is friends with Amber on FB she might have some insight! Or other pre-pro gals ... El? Labergund? Can't remember who else that is still active here...

I agree, HUGE compliment and your pictures of him are ADORABLE! Congrats! :woohoo:

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Yeah, I think I would reply back to them telling them that they can use it, and that you can provide the high quality/resolution image for them (so they're not just taking the FB image). What a great compliment on your photography!

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She ended up e-mailing me before I could even call them back. They are wanting the picture for a June edition of a eye wear magazine, so she wanted to hear back from me asap. They wanted to use it without my copywright on it, and I decided that was fine because I'm not a pro. They're going to send me a magazine when it comes out AND Ryken gets a new pair of glasses with transition lenses!! Yahoo They are $200 glasses without the transition! I'm pretty stoked they picked Ryken's picture and I'm excited to see it in the magazine.

Stephanie- Yup, I sent her the original sized file for the picture. I was concerned they were going to take it off of fb too. I had my watermark on the one of fb just for that reason, that I didn't want anyone taking it without my permission.

I'll have to take a picture of the magazine when I get it to show you guys!

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That is some AWESOME news! What a great compliment, and I have to agree, your photos are precious and you capture those boys! Great job and an extra Yahoo for the free glasses!

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I would have mentioned to them that I would like in fine print below the picture that the image was provided by and copyright by you. Congrats! Can you post a copy of the picture here?

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Amanda- here's the picture they used. Honestly, it's not one I'm even that happy with! I just couldn't get the pp to where I liked it.

423198_10100145555667710_63901112_41830778_637424719_n by willis2485, on Flickr

Here's one I took today of Ryken in his new glasses they sent him. $360 pair for free! :eek:

IMG_4685 by willis2485, on Flickr

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That is cute the glasses pic they chose but I agree you have plenty of far better pictures, the new picture is adorable.

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Okay you need to change your title cause this is pretty exciting stuff and I just saw it now! I just read ( need help quick) and figured that it was posted days ago so you must have got an answer. I thought I would click anyways and what the heck!!!! That is AWESOME! I agree that you have to show us! I must be different here cause I Love that pic of him. It is one of my favorites from you but I just love the whole playful style photographs. Congrats!

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That's awesome!! Congrats, and woohoo for some new free glasses. That's great!