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quick share

hey guys!!!

the last 2 weeks have been CRAZY around here (both at work and at home). I am hoping this week will be MUCH better and that I can get caught up around here.

Until then, I wanted to share the first collage I've made from my latest MMA shoot. I'd love any feedback you might have.

I'll BBL w/ replies and hopefully more pics. Smile


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your work with collages floors me GiGi Smile I can't make out the images at the top in the backgroun...is it a boxing glove?
nice work! Smile

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Loving this a lot, especially the texture with the background and font too, all works really well together.

I think I might like to see it with the bw photos a little bigger and maybe drop the 4th or 5th one. Looking quick they seem very similar and losing one of those would give you a pattern of darker background/lighter/darker/lighter/darker. You could probably make them taller and lose some of the reflection, I don't think you need to see the whole thing. I think maybe the smaller pics get lost a bit in the overall image. But that's just from looking on here, if you're printing pretty big it might not be as much of an issue.

as always, you rock the collages Smile

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You do rock the collages! I love the coloring in this - very raw. I agree with the pp who suggested reducing the # of pics so that you can make them a bit bigger.

Also, do you have a shot of him where you can make out the words on his back a bit clearer? At first, i thought his nickname was 'The Ruth' and didn't think that was very tough. Smile

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GiGi, this is amazing! My only CC is that I wish I could see a bit more of the BW images in the collage. If this is going to be printed and poster size, I don't think you'd have a problem at all with the smaller BWs, but for a banner on a PC, I think they're a tad on the small size. LOVE the reflections of the pics, though. Such a neat thing to see. And the texture of the whole thing feels so rough it fits well with the subject.

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I like it a lot but I agree with the previous CC! Smile

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THANKS EVERYONE! I am having SO MUCH FUN with these pictures. I got to shoot 5 staff memebers for the gym. I have HUNDREDS of photos to play with.

This particular one is to be printed at 10 x 20 and the small b&w shots are easy to see at that size. I actually liked using fewer, bigger shots, but the client liked having more on there. I even let him have a smaller version of this to use as a banner for his website (www.mikethetruth.com, if you're interested). Again, I *really* wanted fewer, larger b&w's on the small banner, but this is what he wanted and it's his site, so I'm OK w/ it as-is.

Thanks again for the feedback, guys. I'm working on some more and will post them as I get them done.


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I'm LOVING this one, GiGi - the reflections of the smaller images are awesome!!! Great work!