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Quick share

Just a quick share from our trip to the park yesterday -- I tried out some panning shots with my kids on the swing. Fun! I'm going to have to try some more.

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Very cool! Makes me dizzy just looking at them, but still a cool effect. Biggrin

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Made me dizzy too! Great job. I tried panning once and failed......

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Great one! I did that with Eva playing hopscotch last year (which at the time was really just her running across it lol)

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How fun Smile

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What a great shot, love the blur effect.

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I really like that! Never even heard of that technique yet...something new to learn now!

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Very cool! I've got to try that.

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Nice panning! That is hard on swings! I tried it out with DS a few months ago when it was randomly warm one day and we hit the park, and I think I only got his head in focus, LOL. I tried stepping back and focus on the bars of the swings so that he was a blur, and that was pretty cool, too!!

Nice work! Smile

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Nice! I've been wanting to try panning for a couple of weeks now. You've inspired me Smile