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We're having a really rough time in our house with sickness, but Micah made my day today, playing 'monster' and having so much fun, cheering Nora and I up immeasurably! The snaps turned out so cute, I couldn't pick one I liked best so I made a quick collage.

Micah Monster

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He has the BEST monster face!!

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So cute!!! Hope you all get to feeling better soon. It seems like there is sickness everywhere right now. Sad

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Oh my!! This is beyond precious!! He is a doll

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SO cute! Love the collage...sometimes there just isn't any other way to tell the full story.

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Very cute!

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He is precious, Tracy! Great captures!

Glad he could bring a smile today. Smile

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Adorable! Hope the sickies leave soon!

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I'm sorry that illness is bringing you all down, but it looks like you have plenty to keep your mind off of it! He is just too adorable!


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Awe what a sweetheart to try to cheer her up! So cute!