quick share (JMK, no c&c)

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quick share (JMK, no c&c)

This is just a snap and is technically a bad shot on so many levels, but I'm gonna share it anyway. Blum 3

It's my boy's first, perfectly executed, single leg take down and I just LOVE IT! I nearly jumped up and down watching it (which may account for the poor quality of the photo to begin with). Biggrin

Thanks for letting me share, guys. I love watching my boy grow in his martial arts training. It really is an amazing process to watch and I just love what it is doing for him outside of the dojo.

OK ... mommy moment over. Wink


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What a great picture to treasure for years! he's going to love to share this with his own family one day Smile

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YAY!!!! Go Logan!! That is awesome!

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I would be proud too! WTG LOGAN! Look at him go! He knows his stuff huh?

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aw wtg!!! Smile I'd be proud too!

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that is so awesome!!!!

WTG Loli!!!

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That is really cool!

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Amazing! WTG Logan!