quick share ... my big guy

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quick share ... my big guy

only RARELY does DH let me point the camera in his direction, but in an effort to help me learn my lights, he let me snap a few last night. This is just the first I've taken off the camera. I know I need to clean things up around the right side of his face (camera left), especially around the glasses, but I would love some feedback on the process so far.

What do you guys think?

I can take REAL c&c. No ego stroking here.


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Did you add vignette to the picture? I think lighting looks pretty good. It's great to have a cooperative subject!

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it looks a bit flashy or too bright to me?? IDK is he very fair skinned? I like the fact that there is no glare on his glasses! I cant do that, yet.. and Ive had my lights for over a year... lol!

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HOW did you get his glasses so clear? My friend Shelly has glasses and they stump me!

I don't think it looks flashy. I think there is some shine on his forehead, but a lot of guys have that! Lol

I see pin lights. Have you tried lagging the shutter with him?

I can TOTALLY see the family resemblence between dh and lo!

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I don't think I can give you any good advice on the lighting, it looks pretty good from what I can tell here at work. But I did want to say I love how he is posed and I LOVE what you did to the backdrop. This is a great masculine photo. Was that a brush or some sort of texture you added?

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Can you explain your set up? What is where, and how far away?

It's slightly flashy. But you are on the right track. What a handsome fellow!

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First off ... thank you all for your feedback!

When I was pulling the pics off the camera I noticed (*sigh*) that I had left my iso at 400. GRRRRRR! That certainly explains why I was over exposing everything when trying to drag my shutter. I'm going to see if I can convince him to give me one more go.


this is roughly what my set up looks like for this set:

DH is about 1.5-2 ft. from the backdrop and I'm about 3 ft from him. I'm afraid that's all the room that I had. I'll have a lot more room when I do the karate shoot, but this was the best I could carve out of our "work out room."

The background is that same red seamless paper I was using for the karate pictures. I have black muslin and white muslin, but since I'm going to be using the red seamless for the karate shoot, I wanted to stick w/ it for these tests too.

I did add some texture and color to the background of that image. The "texture" is actually a Day of the Dead clip art that I really like. I used dragons and such in the karate pics.

I'm really pleased w/ how his glasses came out. He has those transitions lenses and they do all kinds of funky things when I try to take his pics - especially outside. They darken when it's cold, when it's sunny, and even slightly when it's overcast. *sigh* I raised the lights really high (I have 11 ft ceilings, thank goodness), dialed them back to 1/4 power, and bounced them off the umbrellas. I really want to try to shoot him again w/ a lower iso and shutter speed combo and see if I can improve on the pin lights. I may have to resort to bribing Loli again.

And thank you all for the comments on my hot hunny. Wink I think I lucked out pretty well w/ this guy (& I swear he's hotter now than when we started out 20 years ago)! Smile

Here's one more I've been working on. I tried adding the Day of the Dead clip art to the background, but didn't like it. However, when I sized down to show you guys, the radial gradient I added to the background looks bad. It doesn't look this bad in print or sized large. Gotta figure out what to do about that before I start showing previews to parents. Any suggestions??

Anyway ... here's my 2nd attempt from this set:

Thanks, as always guys, I truly appreciate it.


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Love them both, the colours he is wearing against the backdrop. I love those colours!

The flash on the forehead is the only thing thats bothering me.

You did Awesome.... I wear glasses so I know they can be a huge pain in pictures!


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Uh, handsome DH! I think he looks moreso in the second picture. Cazz is right though he does have some shine spots on his forehead, easily cloned. I do love the background, great work with that clipart.

Narelle took (gorgeous) photos of her DH and posted them on Flickr, and then my DH saw them in my contacts' photo stream. He says, "It's too bad your husband isn't handsome enough for you to shoot." He was joking, of course, but now I won't let him live it down. I keep asking him when his photo shoot is going to be and he keeps making excuses why he's not doing it. Lol

(Sorry to hijack. Your setup and lighting look GREAT!)

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GiGi, I looked at this yesterday, but didn't have a free hand to reply (Jack was pulling everything off my desk).

I think this is such a nice shot of Carlos, and that's great that he was willing to pose for you. my only comment is that the top of his head is so dark that he blends into the background there (unless that's just my monitor). I think you did a great job with his glasses! does he like this photo?

ETA: I didn't scroll down to see your second post. I like the first one better, it's more moody. Wink The forehead shine kinda bugs me on the second. But other than that, I think the lighting looks good.

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how far are lights from him?

I always shoot behind the lights. My lights are very close to the subject. Are you using a softbox or umbrella? (Sorry don't remember).

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I really like the texture in the first one. So cool!

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