Quick share of some for CC!

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Quick share of some for CC!

Been a while huh? I have been so busy! Sorry for the lack of posting. I will do my best to get back on track! Here are a few for CC!

1. From the wedding I shot...not sure if I have shared or not.


3. From a photo shoot with the same boy I've been shooting for three years. He makes me work for the few I get!
ISO-800, f/3.2, 1/250

4. ISO 320, f/2.8, 1/500

5. ISO-800, f/2.8, 1/800

THANKS in advance!

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These are very nice, Sadie! Beautiful work. Skin tones and colour look great throughout.

#1, so, so cute! I really like it, just wondering if these shots could be brightened up a tad. But it's hard to tell, when they're smaller and side by side (the shots, not the girls!), maybe that's what makes them look a bit darker to my eye.

#2 is an interesting pose and very nicely done.

#3 is my fave of the boy. I like the conversion a lot, and the set-up and composition. Good eye contact and a bit of a smile. Perhaps the darks could be a touch darker in the conversion, that'd be about all. Unless you want a matte look?

#4 doesn't really do anything for me. The location of the chair against that wall, and primarily his face -- I think he's supposed to be winking or ?? but it looks like an odd moment, not really with any connection for me, at least as someone who doesn't know this boy.

#5 is great, a really natural smile and great eye contact and catchlights. I wish he was leaning against the tree instead of just standing with that odd part jutting into his back, but that's a nitpick too. It's a beautiful shot!

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Sadie ...

It sure is good to see you posting (to see SOMEONE posting)! Thanks so much for sharing.

Here is my $0.02 worth:

#1: these girls are ADORABLE! Everything looks pretty good to me, but you might check your white balance - their dresses look slightly blue. Are they white or do they have some blue in them?

#2: this is so sweet. what a lovely, tender moment you caught. everything (including WB) looks good here to me.

#3: nice conversion! I think I remember you sharing shots of this boy before - he seems like a real character. I love the b&w here - gives the image a very contemplative look.

#4: I like this one too. I wish you had been shooting completely from the front, but otherwise I really love this one. Color and exposure look great and it's nice to see a more candid look from this guy.

#5: Love this one too! color and exposure look spot on. He seems to be leaning towards the left of the frame though. Could that be the tree on the right of the frame? maybe it's just that bump in the tree that is throwing me off. any way around it though - this is a great shot and that is the only little nit picky thing I could come up with for this one!

TFS, Sadie! I hope we see lots more from you in the coming days!