Ran Out of Hard Drive Space

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Ran Out of Hard Drive Space

I wanted to be more active in my hobbies in 2013 (mainly photography and crochet), and have been with actually taking photos but last week I was going to to play a video game the game went to patch and I ran out of hard drive space. Since 1/2 the drive is filled with photos I decided I needed to clean house.

And that is why I haven't been posting pictures, everything is still on camera until I can clean up my hard drive.

Hoping once we have DD1's grade 8 trip and hockey fees payed off I can buy a 1 - 2 tb external hard drive.

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I've run out of hard drive space many times. I had gotten to the point that I just avoided taking pictures with my DSLR because we didn't have computer space for them. We finally upgraded the memory in our computer a few days ago. We now have 4 terabytes of space instead of just 1 and I'm happy to be a snapping fool again!

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We ran out of space June/July of last year too. I've been shooting in RAW since then, so even though we upgraded, I'm betting we run out of space again before too long. I need to figure out a cheap, but effective way to back them all up too.

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I shoot jpg + raw and I frequently delete my raw files. They just take up so much space. Beee
I try to hold onto everything for 4-6 months, but then I start getting full and have to begin deleting!
I do have an external hard drive that I also move my pictures to frequently.

All that said, they are all of my kids/family - no clients, so i don't have to worry about going back and needing anything!

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Although my hard drive is ok right now, my old computer's memory just can't handle what programs etc. I have and use frequently. And I do have so many photos on there and copying them to CDs is time consuming since the CDs don't hold a whole lot. I have wanted to buy an external drive of some sort to be able to back up ALL my photos onto one thing. I just haven't researched it enough to know what is best to buy.

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Man, I'm so afraid of this happening to me! So far, my files aren't huge, but I know when I upgrade my camera, my file sizes are going to be enormous, and I'm worried we'll run out of space. We will be looking into an external HD when we can afford it.