Randy & his first game

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Randy & his first game

These aren't necessarily for CC. I didn't upload them from the computer to flickr, but I downloaded the from FB to the computer to Flickr. LOL! He had his first game last night. I am not too pleased with the coaches- gave him like the largest shirt there was...ugh. Anyways- he loved it, and I did too! I wish that I could have captured it better, but here they are!

562294_10201044688423789_147727349_n by sadieruth, on Flickr

156508_10201044688183783_1533046217_n by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Love it!

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Fun!! Love the look on his face in the last one. Smile

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I loved these on FB, and the first one strikes me even more now, just so fun and sweet!

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These are AWESOME, Sadie!

There is just something about little boys and t-ball (girls too, but you're featuring your boy here)! I know you've got a great season ahead of you. And I'm glad he's enjoying it so much.


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Very cute thanks for sharing.

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Aw! He looks so adorable!! I hope that he has a really fun season!

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AWE loving that his helmet has his name on it! Very cute!