Re-intro & CC

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Re-intro & CC

Hello, I don't know if any of you will remember me, but I was a member of this board last year. I took a break (meaning I got a little overwhelmed with photo stuff and also had some other personal stuff going on...) and would like to join back up if thats okay with you guys! I have lurked from time to time and absolutely LOVE watching some of you guys grow in your photography, you girls totally inspire me!

Before I took my break, I had JUST started to dive into the world of RAW. So, I am attempting to start back up where I left off, and well as brush up on all of my skills in general.

If you wouldn't mind, I would LOVE some cc on the processing for these pictures. I know technically there are alot of things wrong with them...limb chops and slanted horizons, which I would love to hear cc on as well, but would specifically like cc on my attempt at using ACR in elements to process this. Is it too warm? Not warm enough? Anything I should be doing differently or am doing wrong? I just updated my calibration, so I am hoping I am seeing the same things as you guys now! Thanks in advance!!

ISO 200 * f/3.2 * 1/500
Jul 05 2010 051 pp attempt 2

ISO 200 * f/3.2 * 1/400
Jul 05 2010 041 pp attempt 2

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Welcome back! Ava is getting so big Smile The board has been slow lately, and we are glad you are back.

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Welcome back! I definitely remember you.
My CC would be that her eyes are lacking that "pop", because they are a little shadowy and dark. Turning her around a bit until you see good light, or even having her look up a bit would have helped. Cute pics though!

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Thanks Lisa, I totally agree...when I turned her the other way she was super squinty cause the sun was more in her eyes. Maybe I need to wait a tad later in the evening...