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Hey everyone! My name is Britt. I used to post here a few years back. Is iteach still here? It's nice to see this board is still active. My style/genre is more photojournalistic than anything else. I love B&W street photography and would like to get back into it. I also like to sell prints. I have no interest in going into the portrait business despite the insistence from family and friends, though I do shoot my own kids. Smile

These are some recent pictures:

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welcome back Smile
Love the photos, esp your dd's on the bed with the camera

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Hi! I look forward to seeing more of your work, it's great! I also love the one of your DDs on the bed with the camera! The one of your DD with tears makes me want to cry. Great capture!

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Welcome back! I love your work. The rawness of it is so appealing!! Can't wait to see more from you Smile

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Welcome back! I love your work. Your children are gorgeous. I love the one with the tears and the one on the bed with the camera.

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welcome back!!!! Smile

I'm enjoying your photos. the one of your daughter with the camera is perfect, just love that capture! and the one with the tears is something that I'd totally do (well, I have - we're funny moms with our cameras, aren't we?)

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Welcome back! You have some lovely subjects for photographs Smile Can't wait to see more.

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