re-sizing question

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re-sizing question

I have a dear friend that I have known as long as I've known my husband. Recently I took her maternity photos and she did something that she knew she shouldn't have and now I am in a bind. She brought over a woman and her 7 mo. old little girl. The mom asked if I couls squeeze in some pictures of the baby while my friend was changing clothes. I felt pressure and I caved. Now I have no contract or anything and she is wanting the files on a cd. I have no problem doing that for her since I am only PB'ing, but I do NOT want her taking them off to Costco to print off 10 zillion of them like I know she will. So my question is this, after I have wtermarked them, how do I resize them or where do I put the resolution to make them hard to print at a store? I am So wet behind the ears. You would think I would know this, but I don't.

Any help is appreciated!!!

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Not sure about re-sizing (maybe just adjust the canvas size to 3x5?), but I saw this done recently and like the idea... in addition to the watermark, across the bottom or top of the photo was a bar that read "for e-sharing only, prints may be ordered from X photography"

This way if grandma loves the efile, she can contact the photographer and order prints, even if mom is too cheap to order them...

Maybe include a note that offers a PB session or discount for a "real session" and explain that all regular sessions include a terms of use contract.

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72 dpi, 500 pixels wide (or to be even safer...500 pixels on longest side) and sharpened for web. The will look TERRIBLE if printed but great on a screen.

The probelm is....she will probably think she can print them. Just emphasize that computers and printers are very different and this will look horrible if she tries to print them.

Make sure to watermark them with a strong watermark over body parts if possible.

I agree...sending the disk with a letter of understanding is a really good idea.

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Thanks girls! I knew I could ask ya'll!!!