Ready to upgrade?

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Ready to upgrade?

I'm feeling trapped and like I've outgrown my XSi :mad:... anyone else dying to upgrade?? what are you using and what are you hoping to get next?

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I will never get rid of my d90 cause I love it and I love the video, but am really looking for the d700 next. If I want to upgrade, I don't want to have to do it again in a few years. SO I figure I will just stick with the d90 for 2 more years or so till I can afford the next one. Smile

But I feel you. I understand the frustration.

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(5d Mark II, 5d Mark II, 5d Mark II, 5d Mark II)

I'm just saying....

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I have the Xsi too... and hoping Santa will bring me the 5dm2.

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I think you're probably ready for a 5DMII!!!

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LOL I soooo want the 5d Mark II! I dream of ISO Biggrin

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I still use the XTi, and I'd LOOOOVE to get the 5d mark II.. but wow.. it's pricey! I'm also thinking lately about switching to Nikon sooner or later, though. :? If so, I'd love to get the d700, but again.. ouch on the wallet! So... I just dream for now... Smile

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My birthday is next month and Im hoping DH gets me the Nikon D5000, my mil has the d90 and loves it but I love the screen on the d5000. Right now im just using a a Fuji higher end point and shoot.

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Hoping for a D700, but I will most likely not get to upgrade to full frame until 2011...

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I'm aiming for the 5DMkII as well................. one day maybe but I want new lenses etc first especially macro for my flowers!

Go for it I say


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I am wishing for a 5DMII also :). Hoping santa will bring me one for X-mas and my bday Smile Wishful thinking here.

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you should - you rock what you have!

i just upgraded from the d70 to d700 and i'm i LOOOOVE :icecream:

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Would LOVE the D700....a girl can dream, right?:D

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Im sooo ready to upgrade from my P&S.. I feel like its holding me back on learning more. I would settle with any DSLR right now Biggrin

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I dream of the d700, but my next upgrade will have to be glass and even that is gonna set me back - I want longer AND faster.


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I just got my D90 and I have a LOT to learn! Biggrin

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Sigh. I don't know.. I think about this alot. I still have so much to learn, so I don't think I've "technically" outgrown the xsi, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about owning the Mark II.. !

I go back and forth between wanting better glass and a full frame. I know everyone says glass first, but the problem is that when you upgrade all your glass ends up being a different focal length.

Some day I'll have it all right? Smile