Recent engagement CC welcome

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Recent engagement CC welcome

It's been awhile. Here is a recent engagement session. CC always welcome!

ISO 100, f4, SS1/1000

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Nice shots!

Here's my CC.

1. Too centered for my taste. Also the vignette/burning is a bit much. I think this is my favorite of the bunch though. You can feel the love between them.

2. Comp is great. Again, too much vignette for my taste.

3. Too centered again. Love the greenery behind them, but not digging the dappled cement. Maybe if you cropped more of the cement off, but left the greenery?

Overall, lovely shots! Are you doing their wedding too?

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Great shots! I'm sure they were pleased with them!

I'm still a newbie, so I'm not great with the CC. But one comment that I do have is in the second one, the trees are so much brighter that I am drawn to look at them and not the couple.

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The only comment I have, is I would like to see some with closer crops. That might just be me though.

1. LOVE. Seriously, I like the vignette. I think it goes great with the tracks. My fav of the bunch.

2. This is the one I would like to see a bit closer. I didn't notice the trees at first, but I did after I looked again.

3. I don't mind the cement to be honest with you. I really like this one!

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Hmmmmm....I'm not sure what to say. I've seen better work from you and just don't love these.

The shot on the's okay. I don't get the train tracks being there. I always associate train tracks with "rebellious teen" or "playful child". They are kissing, but I'm not really feeling the love. I think it may be better if their bodies were closer. As it is it looks like you said...."kiss" and they did. You know what I mean?

#2. The color is VERY cool....especially noticable when you place it next to the third image which is nice and warm. The placement of your subjects in the frame is good...but I don't love the background. Perhaps a color pop or something woul make it feel more special. I don't know.

#3. The shadows on the cement really ruin this shot for me. I wish you'd gotten in nice and tight on the couple here. Looks like there is some dappled light on your subjects too. His head, her chest. Also, again they don't look particularly fond of eachother. I don't like the way his hand is just hanging there. He looks very akward. I'm sure it was just him and the way he was. I'm trying to figure out myself how to deal with the unresponsive male. A tough one.

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Thanks everyone. This is my weakness, composition. I am just having a difficult time placing people. This was an "older" couple, who really wanted to get their pictures taken asap. They didn't want any artsy stuff. So most of the pictures were posed and a bit cheesy Sad

Thanks for the input. I am shooting their wedding too - which is on May 22. Hopefully they'll be more cooperative at their wedding.