recent photoshoot- pretty girls! CC please

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recent photoshoot- pretty girls! CC please

The other day, I had a co-worker call me ask me to do pics again. Last time, her girls were not in the mood. This time, I headed to their neat place and did some photos there. We threw in another family, but those aren't as good. Please CC. I want some good advice!

1. ISO-640, f/3.2, 1/250

2. ISO-640, f/3.2, 1/250

3. same

4. something is off on this one....can't quite figure it out.
ISO- 640, f/3.2, 1/200

5. ISO- 640, f/3.2, 1/160

Give it to me ladies!

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I'll try to cc -

I think 1 and 2 are really cute and I love how sweet 3 is.

Number 4 is cute, too, but I understand what you're saying about it being a little "off." Can you crop it any differently? Maybe vertically so we can see the girls' bodies? Mom looks a smidge uncomfortable to me.

I think the focus looks best in the last one. Does mom have a red and green streak in hair?

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on the red/green streak- there's a new trend going on here- feather extensions. She has a teal and red one in. HEHE!

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lol Smile

She's beautiful!

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Can't give detailed CC - just had a quick glance. Will be back to CC later when I am on calibrated computer. Great job for getting out there.

I see some blown whites/spots on some of these.

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I see a lot of green.

# 1 & 2 are soft.

# 3 is very nice. Love the moment you have caught.

# 4 Awe!

# 5 is my fave. Tiny bit bright but those catchlights are gorgeous! Focus is great too!

Loving your beautiful scenery


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First off, I should say hi. I has been a million years since I was over here, even to lurk.
I think you did a nice job. Kids are hard they wiggle so fast out of your focus!
1. It seems to be focused on her noise vs. her eyes. Also, the hair thing is a little blown.
2. same focus issues. here the in focus part of the photo is the girl's dress.
3. what a great natural emotion captured! You must be very good at making your subjects feel at ease! The photo seems a little over exposed / yellowish to me.
4. I think this one could use a bit of a contrast bump or a slight play with the curves. It is cute, so you should give it some more attention if you can. I'd edit this one with an additional layer because that pesky white hair band doesn't need any extra brightness Smile
5. All agree with the masses. This is your most sucessful photo of the bunch. It is near flawless, you should be very proud of it!

Overall, you have a nice collection to offer. I think next time just put your ISO down a bit and your exposures will be more naturally lit.

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i'll give this CC thing a shot lol
1-seems soft to me, i also see a lot of green, but i am not calibrated so take it with a grain of salt. Beautiful catchlights!
2- seems soft too and a tad green... i love her pose and smile though
3 - beautiful capture of a wonderful moment! love this!
4- i think it's adorable as it is!
5- LOVE! gorgeous color and focus!!!
ps- this is my noob CC lol

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At work so can't really judge colour

I have to agree with Cazz, 1&2 do seem a little soft.

#3 great moment captured here.

#4 Beautiful capture, I think this could be a really easy fix to me it doesn't seem as vibrant as it should be, try playing with the levels and curves, I'd do a play on it but I'm at work.

#5 Mom seems really pale, I do love the shot though

I think these are all great mom & daughter pics, I'd love to have some like those added to my collection.