Recent session with a 10 year old

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Recent session with a 10 year old

This little girl is 10 year old, believe it or not!!

We did the session at her house which is just beautiful!!

Vintage Processing

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What a pretty girl. I can't comment on color, but I like the composition on these. The conversion to choc B&W is nice!

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oh, these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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These are STUNNING!!! Why do I see a very slight green hue in the color shots? Is that part of the vintage processing? Honestly though ... gorgeous!!!!

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OH WOW, these are just beautiful! I can't believe she's 10! Thanks for sharing! Always love looking at your work!

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone...this ladies house was just so inspirational..

Look at this couch....i want one!! lol

Another of her..

Even her stairs inspired me..

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What a STUNNING child!

I love them all but

4, 7 & 8 are awesome.

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Beautiful! She's gorgeous and you did a great job capturing that!

Her skin looks off on the one you posted of her sitting on the couch, looks flashy or to pale or something but the rest are great! Smile

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love the last one in your first post! It's beautiful while still showing off that she's only 10 years old!

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Oh my goodness....these are GORGEOUS!!! Really just stunning. Beautiful girl and beautiful portraits.

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Awesome work! I cant believe how great her house was! totally jealous over here! Did you go in blind or had you seen it before? The lighting looks great!

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:eek: She's 10?! Holy cow! She's gorgeous and so is her house! Love #s 4& 5! Wow....she knows how to work the camera!

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only 10 years old?! this girl should SO be a model and YOU should be her photog for life! The 2 of you obviously work well together.

Amazing work! It's good to see you posting again ... you never fail to inspire me. Smile


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Gorgeous!! Wow, that is one mature looking 10 year old Smile

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