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Recent Session (CC)

She doesn't want these public, so I'm removing them. Sorry!

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1. This is my favorite. I love the pose and all the lush green everywhere.
2. I really like his pose here too, but is the wall slanted? I guess that was the first thing my eye went to, was the wall because it looks either slanted or warped.
3. This is super cute!
4. Its sweet, but I don't like the crop because it chopped their faces.

My DH is the same way with helping me take photos of the kids. He's going to have to cooperate this weekend because I want at least 1 with the boys together and both looking for Easter!

ETA: Just looked through the rest on Flickr. They are great! I think they're going to be very happy with them Smile

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Woo Hoo for finding a new great spot! Smile Gotta love that!

1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! The pose, the colors, great shot!
2. Ya, the wall is a bit distracting, but you got a great smile from him!
3. I love the simplicity of this one. Looks like you caught him, just being him.
4. I agree about the head chop... maybe just got a bit lower to where you don't see their faces at all. Love how he's kissing mom's hand! Smile

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What an incredible setting! I can't wait to see your boys here after Easter!

1. this is a WONDERFUL shot! Love the pose and composition and were this my family ... I'd be printing it BIG. On my uncalibrated monitor here at work, her black shirt looks blown. Might want to check your numbers there.

2. could this kid be any cuter???? the angle bothers me just a TAD as it looks like he's holding it up w/ his head.

3. this is my favorite of the little man. he looks like he was BORN to be in front of the camera.

4. the head chop is unfortunate b/c this is such a sweet moment! mom's shirt looks blown again though. but that could be my terrible monitor here.

On my next break, I'm headed to flickr to see some more! Biggrin


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I agree with the #1! they all seem a little bright to me. A different crop for #4, and you've got a great moment here.
Overall, wonderful job!

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These are great shots. The biggest CC I have is that these are far too bright. The skin is dangerously close to being blown on all of them. Just about everyone goes through a too bright stage when trying to get that professional looking pop. I think you'll find that if you pull things down several stops that you'll start to see the difference between properly exposed and overexposed. There are much better ways to get the photos to pop than by just making it as bright as possible.

Also, I think you said in another thread that you're not calibrated. If you're going to be doing sessions for people you really should calibrate your monitor. Calibration systems really aren't that expensive. You can usually get a great deal on a used on on Ebay. The old systems still work great and you can get them for under $50.

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Thank you all! I'll decrease the brightness and see where that takes me. For the last one, my intention was to get half-body of mom and dad, and focus on the kid. I happened to notice mom's look on her face, and decided to keep it in. Good to know it doesn't work though, so I'll crop that in further.

I didn't even THINK of checking ebay for a calibration system. That would definitely cut down on the price. It's just so frustrating, because I feel like there's so much stuff that I need to buy, but I just don't have the money to. Sad I know that there's much (heated) debate about charging when not actually in business, but I feel like I have to in order to be able to work up to that point, because I just can't afford what I "need". If only I could have won the mega millions the other night Wink

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There is a certain amount you are allowed to charge legally before you are in business. I don't remember exactly, but I think it's a few thousand dollars each year.

There is nothing wrong with charging a nominal fee for sessions when you are portfolio building (I charged $50 for session fee and made it into a print credit) and absolutely nothing wrong with charging for a disk or prints of the images if people like your stuff. The way to do it is work out your eventual price list and then show it to the clients with their discounted prices highlighted. That is actually the "proper" way to work up to being in business. Gradually you decrease the discount until you're at your full prices.

It is when you are "skill building" that you do not charge. For skill building, the sessions are typically free and the clients only get one or two images.

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Thanks for the tips, Amber! I never thought to come up with the eventual price list and highlight the discounted price. I'm very open with everyone that this is just portfolio building for me. It would be helpful to do as you suggested.

Drew is going to claim what I make on our taxes. From what he understands, because we file jointly, anything that I make will be added on to our annual income, and wouldn't fall into the "hobbyist" category because of that. He's an accountant, but isn't a tax accountant (he's more like business analysis), so he could be wrong. Definitely one of those things that we should research further.

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You have come such a long way with your photography Steph. I agree with the previous CC and dont have anything useful to add, just wanted to say I like looking at how far you have come. Well done

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Thank you, Gemma!