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Recent sessions

Just thought I would share a few from my most recent sessions

I had this little bubby for her newborn shoot 6 months ago. This was for her christening photo shoot.

Last minute before packing up.

I don't know WHY I love this I just do.

This one makes me melt.

15 day old newbie who had a rough start to life.

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These are great Cazz! My only nit picky cc is the mom's face needs to be healed in some spots. LOVE the tear- too sweet!

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Love number 2 so cute!!!
Number 3 looks very red.
Rest look great!

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Love seeing your work Cazz! I'm jealous of your natural light studio! Smile

IliLexy beat me to it, but I totally agree, #3 looks red/orange to me.

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Thanks ladies. I didnt see the red but now you mentioned it... grr!


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LOVE that newborn with the hat!!

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Thanks again ladies Biggrin