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Recent Sessions for CC

I'm always looking to learn and grow, so it's time for me to post some for some feedback. Anything you can give me will be helpful. Even if you can just give me one thing you like and don't like about one or all of them. (Some of these are looking a little too sharpened on here....)


7 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

My best friend and her family. She said they looked really bright on her monitor, but they printed out fine through pro lab.

866A2495-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr


866A2366-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Another good friend. This was at my favorite location to shoot sessions. And I think every other photographer in town feels the same way. We're always dodging each other...

866A2862-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Didn't apply any sharpening for web on this one, and it looks like I should have...

866A2795-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr


866A2787-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Love seeing new work from you Steph!

1. Not a fan of the location of this one. I just wish maybe the background had some color.
2. LOVE. Great expressions!
3. Very cute. Great comp here. It looks like he's winking at you, and to me, I feel like I can see his spunk through this photo.
4. Great location. I feel like they are a bit lost in there. Love the capture though. I would like to see a closer crop. I think you did a great job on color all around
5. I like this one, but the bg is throwing me off. I struggle with the same issue and IDK how to correct it.
6. CUTE! Love their expressions. Whenever I try this, I am always still to short, so I don't have the right angle. You nailed it!

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Some fantastic work, Steph!

I'm with Sadie on all of them except #5, which I love. The BG doesn't bother me.

Love the pose in #2. It does look a touch brighter than the other ones, but not too bright on my screen. Glad to hear it printed fine... they must just love it!

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For #1 I think the dark slate grey is the perfect color backdrop for such a hot bright pink. I love the two together.

#2 I keep looking at the skinny tree coming out of the younger boy's head. But otherwise I like it.

#4 they do get a little lost in this shot, but it's a pretty scene.

#5 the grass between the girl's arms looks very sharp, so maybe that is where focus fell? Their faces/heads look very soft.

#6 cute expressions, even though I am not a fan of that pose. It turned out cute with their smiles.

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These are great Stephanie... so I am going to be a little tougher on CC Smile

1. I agree with Sadie - I just don't think the baby matches the background/location. But lighting is nice - wish you got eye contact.

2. Boys are a touch bright, especially the older one - his almost grayish looking.

3. His skin tone is much better on this picture compare to the previous. His right forearm is blown.

4. I agree that they seem to be lost in a busy background, have you tried cropping closer?

5. There is a skin tone difference between this picture and the next. Maybe add a tad red/magenta? Apply sharpening as their face is soft.

6. I would crop in close on this one, focus on their faces. Her nose is looking a tad yellow.

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Thank you so much for the feedback everyone! It's very helpful! I can see what you guys are saying about the wall in #1. It's very drab. This was my first shoot at this location, and I was struggling because she wanted the session at 4pm, and the light was still quite harsh, so we moved in to this tunnel for the first part of the session so I could let the sun go down a bit more. Plus, I thought it really helped her stand out and be the focal point of the image, since there are no distracting elements taking the focus away from her.

I can definitely try a closer crop on #4. Though I do have others of the family in a less busy location. She loved this one Smile

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I do think she stands out wonderfully in #1. It's just the harshness of the concrete for me, especially with the line between the floor and wall. But against a dark fence or dark wood wall or something, she'd look amazing, the way the pinks and whites pop. And it's still a great shot, it's just not my favourite location because of the concrete.