Recent shoot... CC. pls.

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Recent shoot... CC. pls.

I did a recent shoot of DH's bro's family. We only shot in his house, so nothing fancy for the background, just in their living room. They wanted it casual. I put together a XMas card, I got from ILP.

CC on the pictures please. Thanks! I used my speedlight on all the photos.

SS 1/250, ISO 400, f 5.0

He is 7 mos. and lounges forward so it was hard to take pictures of him.

Here is the xmas card I put together.

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the card looks great! my only comment on that is that I'd brighten the family photo a little, as it seems darker than the two kid pictures.

Great job not getting pinlights. I bounced a lot this past weekend and still ended up with pinlights, so I need to work on that for sure!

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WONDRFUL CARD! I'll bet they love it (*I* would)!

I find the backgrounds distracting in the stand alone pictures. But the tighter crops you used in the card really diminish that. Focus, color, exposure all look really nice on the individual photos.



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I agree with the backgrounds, but they still look good! I too would brighten the family pic. Well done!

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Great job!

My only comment is the ziptie in the background on the fireplace. Can you maybe touch it up so you can't see it? It isn't really noticable in the card, so that's good. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it in the card if I didn't see it in the other two pics.

Once again, great job!

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Love the card! I agree about the distracting backgrounds but they dont seem to affect the card at all!

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Thanks for the input everyone. I'll clean up the background a bit. Smile