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recent stuff

some snaps

hanging with the ladeeez

sitting in papas chair

playing with uncle dan

sunday afternoon at nana and papa's

crazy sunflare with the new 24-70 lens

recent session

(dad does motor cross for a living)

TFL!!! Smile

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Lovely as always

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cool! love the sunflare. and that last shot is just so sweet! wish my skin looked like that. Wink

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TFS! The brought a much needed smile to my day!

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Beautiful work as always, even the "snaps!" And what a cool lens flare! I love the idea of the boy wearing the helmet, so cute! And my goodness, your daughter is such a beauty. Can I have some of those curls?? Smile

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I so love how you capture the moment all the time, even though I know how ridiculously cheesy that sounds! Your photos are always just so true and real, if that makes sense. Made me smile!

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Awesome work, as always!

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Great snaps...and that last one is really sweet.

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You really have a knack for lifestyle photography! I love these!

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My fav is the one on the floor. You really do know how to make amazing shots on everyday life.

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Great snaps! The moment really come to life with these pictures!

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lovely photos! as always Biggrin love your work!

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love your photos and your style, that last one is gorgeous!!

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I love those photos! What kind of camera do you use?