Recommendations for a p&s

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Recommendations for a p&s

I want to get a p&s camera for those occasions when snapshots are adequate and I don't want to carry my dSLR. Any recommendations? Reasons for? Against?

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The Canon PowerShot line is a good one. We have the PowerShot S5, but I guess a lot of the more compact ones also have full manual controls, and the whole line is well-reviewed and performs well. My sister has one of the more compact ones and I took some shots on it while visiting her, and was pretty impressed with what such a tiny little pocket-sized camera could do!

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Thanks Tracey. I had a Canon Ixus (so no manual features) a while back and the IQ was good on it too. I really have no idea what is out there now. I'll see what they have in powershots.

ETA: I should add, it should be probably be small enough to fit in my handbag. Doesn't need to be so small as to fit in pocket, but if it needs its own bag I may as well carry around my dSLR Smile

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i shoot nikon dslr but i think canon has the best p&s line....the powershots are really nice. I started learning about photography on one and it was great. It did have some manual controls too so that was nice.

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I just use my phone lol! I have an iPhone, and it's always with me. I have found that I'm taking MANY more snapshots now because my phone is always there. The quality can be really awesome too, if you have the right light.

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I use my phone most of the time too, but I'm also looking for a higher end p&s. When I get the money I'll probably get a Canon Powershot g10 or g12.

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Thanks ladies. I use my iphone too but it is an older model and I struggle o get anything decent unless the light is perfect. I have a waterproof p&s but it takes terrible photos. In water great, anywhere else they have a colour cast over every single photo (and no manual features to fiddle with)

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Just make sure you get a P&S that has all the features you want, I have a P&S and the fact that it doesn't have manual drives me crazy cause some really bright days the auto settings just won't do. It's a Canon and old but it is still decent.