rental lens suggestions?

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rental lens suggestions?

I've been approached about doing some gymnastics photos at a local place. The lighting is terrible and I won't be able to be very close the the mats where the kids are doing their thing.

Which means I need a long fast lens and right now I just don't have that in my bag. I'm saving for such a lens, but it's going to be a while.

SO ... I have a 2 part question for you guys .... (1) what lens would you recommend (for my Nikon D80 body)? and (2) is there a mail order lens rental place that you would recommend? There is no local lens rental place. I'd have to drive to Houston (2 hours from here) to possibly find a place.

TIA for any suggestions.


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I have no clue, but I want to wish you good luck and I LOVE that new siggy! Cant' wait to see some new pics!

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These 3 places have lens/equipment rentals - I haven't used them yet (I've been seriously checking them out lately) but have heard good things about them:

Adorama also does rentals - but I am not sure if you have to be local or not - I am in NYC, so I would rent from there first.