requesting help... c&c please

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requesting help... c&c please

I know these photos are blown on the face and look "too cool" any suggestions for making them look better? I tried warming them up with saturation and adding some darkness, the bottom line is i shot in the wrong setting Sad here is a before/after with editing but i know it isnt "just right"

crop only/no editing

crop with some editing


slightly happier with this one...

wish they all had the sharpness of #1

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Here is my quick version...
I brought it into ACR (what program are you using?)...tried to salvage it as much as possible, but his cheek is too far blown, IMO. I also used the dropper on the white of his eye, which helped warm up the entire picture some.

Then I brought it into PS, did curves and levels layers, used the patch tool on his cheek to try to bring back some detail, sharpened, and warmed it up further. Not perfect...could probably be warmed even further...

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that look sooo much better, i agree it is really blown which stinks! Im using PS9 but just started using it (obviously) my other computer had microsoft digital image suite before it crashed and that i was more familiar with. My DS2 has blue sclera (whites of his eyes look blue, part of his medical condition) so its hard to correct a photo without making them look worse or picking them out to try and whiten them up...

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I have no experience with processing...I really suck at it.

#3 looks best to me....