Returning out of lurkdom :) (pic heavy)

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Returning out of lurkdom :) (pic heavy)

Hi girls!! I feel like it has been soooo long since I've posted, you probably don't remember me!

I obsolutely need to come out of lurkdom because I've still been lurking and have seen so many of you with amazing improvements. I feel like I've been in a funk, I went back to teaching this schoolyear and have just been trying to stay afloat. It's been quite an adjustment now with DS and the summer was way too fast. I'm not a night person, and that seems like the only time I can get on my computer to edit.

This summer I took a photography class and ended up dropping it 1/2way through. I honestly learn more from you girls and felt like I was wasting my time, when I could have been home enjoying time with DS. I did get a few pics taken from it,
My B&W

And we had to take a pic of a vehicle, I told him I don't do vehicles and turned this in,

After a couple weeks he was having us do assignments that I just wasn't into. I didn't want to be out around town taking pics of buildings when it's not what I want to do. It was such a beginner class, and the instructor was too arrogant for me to handle anymore!

I think this is SOOC,

A summer snap,

A recent pic, as you can tell, skintones is my HUGE downfall and the eyes are probably way oversharpened!
Playing around,

So, I'm hoping I'm finally settled in with the schoolyear to post! Seriously, all of you girls are amazing now! Any CC on upcoming pics, feel free to give me all you've got, good or bad. I'm probably in a funk because I'm not posting pics and not learning for all of your fab critique!

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Wow girl, well obviously you learned SOMETHING cause these are a jump up for sure. This board is so wonderful every single one of the girls on here are SOOOO sweet and help as much as anyone can! I LOVE the 1st photo! It has to be my all time fav of yours for sure! Jackson is growing up so much what a cutie! Good job mama! Keep it up!

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welcome back! Smile of course i remember you. Great pictures! Sorry that class didn't work out though. Bummer but I think I would have felt the same way. Maybe you can find a different one later on. Smile I'm glad you are back. We all go through funks. I know I went through one for awhile this summer.

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glad you're back! that first photo is terrific! and good for you for recognizing that the class was a waste for you. I don't know that I would have stopped, I would have gone out of obligation ... but it's much better for you to spend time with your son instead of wasting time in a class where you were gaining nothing.

you're right about the skin tones on that second to last one ... Wink you gonna play with it some more?

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Welcome back! First photo looks great!

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# 1 is AMAZING!!!

Don't be a stranger any more, love seeing pics of you little cutie.

As for the classes, I have been thinking of taking a class or two but have been afraid of paying good money and then it being a waste of time. I guarantee I would not be as 'good' as I am without being a part of this board and the experience of these lovely ladies

Welcome back!


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:wavehello: Glad you are joining us again! I am so loving #1! The eyes are great and the lighting is really neat! TFS!

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Welcome back! I remember you (and I'm not even on here a whole lot)...

That 1st shot is absolutely gorgeous! keep on posting...

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Thanks girls! Hopefully I'll have a few good pics to play with after DS's BDay!

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Welcome back Kristen!!! I think you got some AWESOME shots and I can't wait for you to jump back in here. Your little guy is just WAY TOO Adorable! Smile


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Welcome back! #1 is absolutely to die for!!!! If I were you this would be framed giant in my house Smile

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Welcome back!! You know I love #1. Will keep my eyes peeled for his birthday shots.