Room for one more? (again)

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Room for one more? (again)

So long, long ago, I posted a little bit here. Back when you ladies were doing the segments from a photo book. I fell away due to raising a stubborn newborn, and then was coaxed back into photography by some family members. It seems like things just clicked and I am in love with photography again! Yeah!

Little about me. My name's Marie. Recently married to my long time love, Paul. We have two sons, Drake and Seth. We *might* be trying for number three (and final) at the beginning of the year. Hubby works and I'm a SAHM.

I've been born and raised on 35mm cameras. (My dad was a pro and I aspire to follow in his footsteps) I just began dabbling with the digi world about last year with a 6megapix Rebel. Film development is waaaay expensive and I've had my negatives scratched by poorly trained 'techs'. Talk about heartbreak. So I'm going from my Élan 7ne to a 60D. I am super excited to start shooting with it and posting here with you guys. You ALL already seem so pro to me. I feel like the biggest novice. :/

Here's hoping I stick to my guns this time! I can't wait to get to know all of you and take in the wonderful info you have to share. Smile

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Hi and Welcome!!

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

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Glad to have you here!

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Welcome back!

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Yes, WELCOME BACK! Hope to see some pics soon!

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Welcome! Look forward to getting to know you Smile

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So glad you've come back! Relax and have fun - that's what we're all about here (and what helps us grow as photogs).


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Welcome back! Looking forward to see some of your work!

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Welcome, jump right in, lets see some photos! Smile

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Thank you so much everyone! I can't wait to join in on your posts . Smile I'm so excited to get some CC and find out how to make things better. Hurry up and get here camera! Lol.

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The more the merrier, welcome!