Rose shots: CC please

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Rose shots: CC please

I have been playing around with shots of this rose ever since getting some flowers on Saturday. I'm just not sure I'm getting anything very good. I like some of the shots but I've seen such awesome flower shots from others that I think I could do better. So, I'm just wondering about getting some CC.

#1 Taken with a leather chair on its side as the background! SS 0.3 seconds, f3.5, ISO 200

#2 I was trying the super-macro mode on my P&S for this one and I don't know... it won't let you select the focal point in that mode, it just focuses in the center of the shot, so I kept locking focus and then re-framing the picture trying to get the center of the rose as the focal point, but it would not work for me. I actually kind of like it this way, but I'm wondering if to others it basically ruins the shot that the center of the rose isn't in focus.
SS 1/50, f2.7, ISO 200

#3 (Focus was same issue as in #2 with super-macro mode/re-framing the shot)
SS 1/13, f2.7, ISO 80

#4 SS 1/5, f3.5, ISO 80

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I think they are great....especially with what you had to work with! My fav is #3. Macros are always so neat!

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Great job! I think in the first one the flower is a little too bright, but I like that you have the nice dark background. Not sure if it's overexposed, though. I guess I'd like to see more contrast between the petals, if that makes sense. Great focus too.
It's so great that you are playing around with your p & s...the macro function on my old one was pretty neat and I actually got some great shots with it! Good job with comp too.

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I don't know anything technically about these kinds of shots, but I think they are very pretty.. I wish I had some pink roses! Biggrin

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I really like #1, 3, and 4. I agree #1 is a bit bright but I still love it....although the focus isn't sharp anywhere that I can see....maybe lower right of the flower.
For your situation in #2, I would usually at that point just physically move the camera back or forward to get the focus where I want it.

I love the DOF in #3.

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Awesome, thanks for some great feedback. #1 is too bright SOOC. I looked at the histogram when I took it and it seemed pretty good, but now it does seem too bright. Perhaps just in contrast to the dark leather... not too sure.

I definitely know what you mean about separation between the petals, misskaci -- it would make it a better image for sure.

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I love that you are working on this! I need to try something like this myself (and what a great excuse to pick up some flowers, no?).

My favorite is #3. I love the tight composition and the focus looks great. It always amazes me how focus can be so crisp while maintaining the soft look of the petals (that's something I struggle with).


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These are soo pretty!

I need to find flowers to shoot Smile

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Great job!!! You did awesome.

I'm not too thrilled with 1, personally. It almost looks like the rose was cut and pasted onto a black backdrop. 2 is lacking a real focal point, or maybe it's because the focal point is in such an odd place? But, I LOVE 3 and 4!! Just the right angle, bokah, and focus!! Keep at it, macro can be very difficult to nail sometimes, but you did amazingly with your equipment Smile