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    Default Round Two!!

    You ladies offered such great specific CC that I could not wait to put your tips into action. So today I packed up some props, my camera and my baby and headed over to my mom's house where I knew I could get some better lighting. I still have so much to learn, but personally I feel like these are already a huge improvement over yesterday's session. The first three were shot outside and the rest were inside. I know the ones outside are overexposed.
    More CC please!
    And thank you to everyone for the great CC yesterday!!!
    Sorry the pics are so large!

    ISO 100
    SS 1/80



    ISO 200
    SS 1/10
    f4 (I think - I forgot this setting)

    ISO 400
    S/S 1/100


    Thanks for looking!!!!
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    DSC_0037 by ChubbieOwl, on Flickr

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    Natural light is wonderful and these are a big improvement.

    The basket ones are very nice but I'd try to get more eye level to see the baby more.

    #6 is my fave of the bunch. But be careful of white in the sun as white gets blown easy.

    If you are going to go outside try to find a shady spot to put baby under.... sounds contradictory to getting natural light but it works!

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    you got great focus on all your first ones esp with your shutter speed being slow (try to keep it a bit faster b/c hand shake can be noticable with 1/10 but when you are going to be taking pictures of your dd awake you'll need to stay around 1/125 or faster)

    ditto the shade or wait till sun is lower so you can avoid any harsh shadows.

    last two are my fave comp wise but again with such a wide ap its really hard to nail the focus
    #4 has great focus and colours, very nice
    great job trying again and improving keep it up
    ds1 Evan ds2 Adam

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    What a sweetie! I think 4 is my favorite, but I agree with getting more on her level to see more of her face. Maybe next time with that basket, just try putting a tad more padding underneath her so that she's up high enough so none of her face is blocked by the basket when you do get on her level. Also, I think the indoor lighting, near a window is much easier to work with. Full sun is sooo tricky not to blow out whites.

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    These are an improvement from yesterday, and the basket added a nice touch... 2 links that helped me out a bit (even though I am working with limited manual settings with my PS)

    This explained a lot about lighting in language I could understand:

    This is helpful for working with tiny subjects (although this guy drives me nuts) or
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    I agree with the other CC given.. Try to get on her level more and beef the padding in the basket up so she is more above the basket than "in" the basket.

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    These are a big improvement to the last set..congrats!

    When I put my babies in a basket...I put several blankets in the bottom of the basket first so that baby doesn't sink in quite so much. The idea is to sort of cradle them in there gently.

    Becareful with your've blown highlights in all of these. If your camera has the capability...turn on the "blinkies" to warn you when you're blowing highlights so you can adjust your exposure accordingly.

    When shooting outside, try to shoot within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset for the most flattering sun. The light in your images is very harsh and creating unappealing shadows. If you must shoot during the middle of the day...put your subject in open shade. It looks like there was shade from a tree about a foot behind the baby...that might have worked perfectly.

    Your indoor shots definitely have much better light than the outdoor shots...but watch that shutter speed. If you're not using flash, your shutter speed needs to be at least double your focal if you're using a 50mm lens, you need a shutter speed of 1/100.

    Great work...can't wait to see more from you and watch you grow.
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    You got some great cc, just wanted to say way to go for taking the cc and applying it! These show huge improvement!
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