Rub a dub dub for CC

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Rub a dub dub for CC

I wasn't thrilled with how these came out, but am having trouble putting my finger on it. These also looked a lot sharper before photobucket. Hmmmm.

The settings for the first 3 are ISO 200, f/4.0, SS 1/250



The settings for the next 3 are ISO 250, f/4.0, SS 1/320



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These are all adorable!! Were the bubbles added in PP or are they real? I kind of feel like the black background is a bit too dark for this. I would have liked to see a blue or even white. The first two do look a little soft, but I've seen uploading do that to photos before. They all look a little cool to me, but I am not calibrated (and I prefer warmer photos).

Great job, I really like them!!

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Thanks. The bubbles ar real (DD1 was blowing them for me Smile )and I agree about the black background. I use fleece and was worried about color casts with the blue, but I might try it anyway. I can never seem to get my whites very white Sad I will work on warming them up though... Thanks again

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Oh Beth! What a fun iea! I just ADORE the bubbles! the duckies! aw, heck! LOVE IT ALL!

the don't look cool to me (but I'm at work and my monitor isn't the best). They all look soft though. I know ou said they looked better before photobucket. In the first 3, focus looks like it fell on the tub. Looks a lot better in the rest though.

#5 is my absolute FAVORITE of this set! The bubbles lok so cool that they almost look photoshopped in rather than real.

What a fun, fun, FUN shoot!

Take care and TFS!


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These are ADORABLE!!!! #5 is my fav! The look on his face is priceless. I always wanted to do a tub shoot with the girls, but then I was thinking they were getting to big, but you proved me wrong! I can't really comment on color since my two monitors both look SO different, so I have NO idea which one is closer. But great job!

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they look soft to me too. I'm wondering if it's because you were only at f/4. you have a lot of "stuff" in the frame, and it's possible your camera decided to focus on something other than a kid. sometimes that happens to me, even when my focus points are on eyes. my guess is that the front of the tub got the most focus (as that's what happened here when I tried shoot in a tub).

I love the idea though, and think these are really adorable! love #5, you couldn't have planned that any better!