Sad sigh...

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Sad sigh...

One of DH's cousins emailed me to say she always likes my photos on Facebook and wondered if I could advise her on a decent camera to buy, as long as it wasn't "too pricey", not over $1000. Sooooooooo I advised her on a couple of Canon dSLR options I'm familiar with. How'd I end up advising people about which dSLR to buy when I don't have one yet myself? Feeling blue about that! Oh well. I'm sure she will enjoy it.

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I so remember this feeling! Chin up, your day will come!

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Beth is right. It's a compliment - they are coming to you b/c of work you've already produced (even if you don't have the high end toys).

Your day WILL come. So hang in there and keep rockin' your p&s in the mean time.


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I agree, take it as a compliment. Smile I know, easier said then done.

I went through sort of the same thing. My best friend's hubby bought her a $2000 DSLR for her anniversary, and she didn't even want it! I was jealous.

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Aww hun, it's alright. Take it as a boost to your ego Biggrin

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Yeah, definatily a compliment to you!! You really are rockin' your p&s! I know it sucks though, to have someone buy something that you so desperatly want. Sad