Saying hi With 1 Picture ... LOL cc if you want to

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Saying hi With 1 Picture ... LOL cc if you want to

Hi ladies
Just wanted to pop in and say Hi
I have not been doing much in the photography dept.

This is my latest Picture from 2 1/2 months ago .. LOL

11 Dpo

I think ill be taking a break from the camera unless i feel extremely great about taking some.. cause how i been feeling I just want to stay in bed. I cramp alot and need to take it easy

Thanks For looking

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CONGRATS! I am happy for you! I hope everything goes great for you! Biggrin

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Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats, take it easy and HH9M to you.

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Thanks ladies
My husband is so thinking this is a girl along with every one eles...
We say its a girl by faith ... Much needed Pink Vibes Biggrin

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Wow, 3 boys! Smile Boys are awesome though!
Sending you happy, healthy, pink vibes! Smile

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sending pink vibes your way!

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CONGRATS Cassandra!!!!

here's to a HH9m and all the pink vibes I can muster! Biggrin

Take care of yourself!