Scary Weekend

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Scary Weekend

I wanted to let you ladies know why I popped in with some work and then left for several days. This past Saturday, I did a photo shoot in Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. (I hope to have edits to share soon). I may have gotten dehydrated, because Sunday afternoon, I had a seizure in TJ Maxx. Thankfully, I wasn't driving and my son was with my husband and best friend (who were also in the store). I ended up in the hospital for three days. CT scan of my head, EKG, and EEG were normal, but my potassium, calcium, etc., were critically low. My white blood cells were a little high (infection range). They put me on IV drips and gave me saline (The potassium IV stings!), and my counts returned to about normal the next day. I've got to have an MRI still (I freaked when they tried to get my head in the closed machine and am going to go to a place that has an open one), but I'm feeling better now. I'm not allowed to drive for six months. I've been dieting very slowly and sensibly but think I may have let myself get too low in certain nutrients.

Anyway, I'm back to work now and will hopefully have some new works to share very soon. Thanks! Janet

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Wow, Janet, that IS scary, I am so glad you're ok!

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Passing out from dehydration is no fun, I did that last summer, thankfully the only thing I had was a fairly minor concussion, though it took over 6 months to recover from, and had several scrapes and bruises.

Hope all your tests come back clean, take it easy and take care of yourself.

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Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you're feeling better. I hope that it never happens again.

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Oh My.

You always need to take care of yourself first..

Glad you are feeling better now though


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whoa! that is very scary. i hope you are feeling better.

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Scary! I am glad that you are on the mend now, take care.