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See Here Update

A while ago I told you guys about free cards and or prints you could get from See Here. Well...mine finally arrived and I must say...they weren't worth the 3 dollars in shipping!

Terrible terrible quality...don't use them and I'm sorry for anyone who did happen to order from them.

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Thanks for the update! I was considering ordering some Christmas pictures from them just to get the free pictures, but now I think I will get the free deal from Snapfish instead. I have heard pretty good things about them. Have you ever tried them?

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Yes, the prints I've gotten from Snapfish have all been fine.

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boo Sad sorry

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That sucks:(

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that bites!

for some reason, my order never went through with them - I was waiting and waiting and then I finally checked and there was nothing in my order history. I guess that in the end, it's a good thing from what you're saying.

I went through Costco for same day prints.

my parents used See Here, so I guess I'll see when I get theirs in the mail.

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Don't get me started on seehere. I am pretty ticked off with them. I ordered some a while back, November 6th to be exact. My order never went through. The $ was taken out of my paypal, then put back. I emailed them 2x, and finally got a repsonse about 2 weeks later. They told me to try again. Well, I can't b/c my coupon won't let me. I emailed them AGAIN, and they still haven't responded and it's been about another 2 weeks. I am mad. :angry1: