Self portrait attempt - first ever

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Self portrait attempt - first ever

How'd I do???

Guess I should post settings - natural light - f1.8/ss 125/iso 200


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Aww I like it, you're pretty! I would up the contrast just a bit. And maybe bring the crop out just a smidge on the right?

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Great job! I have never done this, nor do I want to! Wink I would maybe brighten it a tad!

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You did GREAT! I hardly ever step out from behind the camera. And I don't think I've ever done it where I managed to not chop off my fingers, an elbow, or even part of my head while doing it.

Everything looks great - focus, color, exposure. BRAVO!


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Looks great to me! Having spent taken part in a self portrait themed week for my 365, I know only too well how difficult they are, so well done!

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really f/1.8 :eek: amazing job

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Looks really nice, good job!

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great job! it's nice to see you. Smile and amazing focus, I can't believe you're at f/1.8

but I agree with the contrast suggestion, that's the only thing that stood out to me, that you need a little more of a contrast pop. Smile