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How do you do a good self-portrait? I've seen a few lately from some of our ladies, and they all look fantastic. How do you get your face in focus before you snap the picture? I have a remote, but haven't used it yet. I've been wanting to bust it out to try out a few pics on myself, but I'm not quite sure how to manage it. I tried once using the onboard timer, and my background was nicely in focus, but I was blurry as heck! So, do you shoot in auto?


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I shot in Manual mode but instead of choosing just one focus point i chose all so that it would focus on the nearest thing which was me and i got lucky with getting good focus on my eyes. I Think its just hit or miss with self portraits. At least for me it is. Blum 3 i have more pics but with both eyes in focus instead of just one lol but on iPhone now and no internet at Home. Smile

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I either have one of my kids stand where I need to be so I can focus, and I use the timer and run into the picture. Wink I do have a remote but the batteries are dead and I can't find them in the stores anywhere. need to find them online ...