senior head shot session for c&c

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senior head shot session for c&c

I got a rare opportunity to photograph a high school senior this weekend. He has just won some kind of modeling contest and wanted a few head shots to send off to the contest promoters. This was my first time to ever try head shots. I'd love any c&c from you guys. I'm a big girl and can take it (especially since this was a 'just for fun' session, but is something I wouldn't mind trying again one day).

All of these were shot w/ my 50mm f/1.4 at ISO 100. On a few I tried to use my SB600 speed light, but when doing so I always ended up with pin lights. Sad I really need work on fill flash.

The shoot was at 3pm on a VERY hot and humid afternoon. I did my best to find open shade, but as you'll see, I fought the sun the whole time. His shirt kept giving me pink color casts too. Beee

Anyway ... here's a few from the set:

1. f/2.5 ss=1/160

2. f/2.5 ss=1/60

3. f/2.5 ss=1/125 flash used (dang pin lights!)

4. f/2.5 ss=1/125

5. f/4.5 ss=1/200 flash used

6. f/3.2 ss=200 flash used ... is the light spot on his forehead too distracting? I can't decide.

I know there are a good number here, so don't feel obligated to offer c&c on all. But I would appreciate it if you could pick at least one and let me know what you think.



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YAY for a new opportunity! I think this age is the BEST! Honestly, and you hit the spot with a good looking young man!

1. LOVE. This one is so good! I love the bokeh, his expression, and your conversion!
2. his pose is a bit weird. It's like he's bending over to pic up something. I don't know though....
3. yep, you can tell the flash was used. Sad love his expression and pose though!
4. love. This the conversion could be a bit brighter though.
5. looks a bit underexposed to me maybe? He just doesn't seem bright enough.
6. I don't mind the pin-lights here as much, but I do thing the bright white spot is distracting. Could you heal it perhaps?

Great job GiGi! I think you did great!

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Your part of the work looks great, I think the model himself needs to learn to relax for the camera you can definitely see some tension.

#1 There is a funny white spot in his hair that bothers me, I personally would Photoshop it.
#3 Love how well you captured his image in this its very clear.
#5 This is my favourite, just seems like everything worked well.
#6 I do find the light spot a bit distracting.

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Wow is he cute! lol I will leave the technical CC to the more experienced gals but I enjoyed these shots a lot! I think you did great. The main thing that jumps out at me is the blue highlights on his hair in #3. And yes, about #6....I would try to clone/color that spot out.

Edit: I think even though you got pinlights in #3 I think everything else looks very smooth and NOT flashy!!! there isn't even any shadow under his chin which I thought was great! (to me it just looks like his jawline's natural shadow from being underneath his face, IYKWIM)

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I wish I could photograph more seniors and/or adults! They are much easier than kids (aka toddlers, LOL!)

I love #2, however it doesn't look PP. Do you think you could bump the curves a little bit and do a little color pop? I also really like #4 but think that could benefit from a little curve bump as well. Smile

Great job!

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I think these look really nice over all, but some look a bit dark to me. The one with the flash is great, but the first thing that I notice is the flash. Probably most people would never notice that. The last one I'm going to say, yes, way too distracting. I would scrap that one, or if you really love it, try brushing a skin color over the light patch at a very low opacity? See what happens Blum 3 Can't hurt to try!

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GiGi, what a great opportunity to photograph this young man!

1. This is my favorite. I wish we had more room on the left though, since he's looking that way. But I really like this one.

2. something about the color seems off to me, not sure if I can put my finger on it ...

3. oh, sucks that you had to use the flash! it looks a bit "flashy" to me. not just the pinlights, I can just immediately tell that it's flash. but you know, that's not a big deal, especially since he's going for the modeling. the pinlights are unfortunate though. It's a very flattering photo though, looks great overall.

4. I think this needs to be brightened, his face overall is too dark. but the focus is nice and I love how the bokeh really separates him from the background. nice conversion too.

5. can you add some fill light in ACR? despite the flash, I feel like he needs more light. I like the pose.

6. yes, that spot is very distracting to me! so are the pinlights. sorry. Sad

Has he seen them yet? Bet he loves them!